The DIY DEO put to the test

We tried and tested the DIY deo recipe. Here's what we thought.


Smell ya later: Lemongrass

As a woman, smelling great has always been a priority. And staying dry in underarms can prove to be quite the task on hot days. I have always used many different deodorants/roll-ons to try and combat bad odour. In 2012, after my daughter was born, I started struggling with sensitive skin. Using several different products across brands as well as changing them during different seasons – I finally decided to try the “Smell ya later” deodorant. Almost immediately, “that end-of-the day” odour was GONE.

I’d still sweat but no smell! Such a joy! 

By week 3 of use, I noticed that my skin was once again reacting (itchiness) to the product and we decided to create the odourless range for sensitive skins.


Oh dear, what’s that oh-dour?

I’ve been trying alternative deodorants for a while now, but none of them worked. I remember thinking, just because the deodorant is organic it doesn’t mean I need to smell ’more organic’. I knew I had hit the bottom of the pit when my husband once made a loving and light comment: Oh dear, what’s that Oh-dour?

He was right, I have an active lifestyle; from working on site to working out, and I needed more out from a deodorant than just to cover up the smell.

Finally NIX’s DIY DEO recipe is a zero waste, great smelling easy to make and very effective. It surpassed my expectation and killed the sceptic in me. I use it everyday and will probably never go back to conventional deodorant. It’s the perfect combination to care for your pits and ditch the wrong kind of spice, so instead of comments your husband can focus on compliments.

I hope it helps you like it helped me.




My experience  with DIY deodorant.

How can a few natural ingredients thrown together in your kitchen replace a list of ingredients combined with precision in a factory.  I was very sceptical, but I needed a new deodorant, one with ingredients that I do not need to consult google to find out what it is, I needed a deodorant that was less wasteful, and of course plastic free. 

To my surprise the DIY deo worked,  it worked really well. You have to try it. It is so simple and inexpensive to make that there is no good reason not to whip up a batch and ditch the stench. With the DIY deo there are no worries about what aluminium will do to your body in the long run.  

For those who are not fans of making stuff from scratch, good news. We will be making and selling it check out our online store.

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