Smell Ya Later - DIY DEO

So you are on your zero waste journey and you’ve been replacing plastic packaged products with zero waste alternatives. You’re doing great but right now you’re looking for a zero-waste deodorant that is effective. If you’re like me you have tried a few alternatives but none of them have really done it for you, if anything you’re feeling more insecure about your armpits and considering going back to your previous brand. Before you make a decision, you need to try NIX’s simple DIY DEO.

This is an alternative deodorant that is easy to make, probably more effective than your previous brand and cares for your armpit in a soft natural way. It’s made with four basic ingredients: coconut oil, bicarb, cornstarch and your favourite essential oil. This moisturises your armpit, keeps you dry and best of all it avoids the smell so you no longer have to get avoided… by people. 

You don’t have to carry the burden of end-of-day-odour or wasteful packaging. Try the DIY DEO and live with confidence, knowing you’re not leaving a trail of odor or waste behind. 



15ml coconut oil

20ml bicarbonate of soda

20ml cornstarch

4drops essential oil (optional)


Mix in a bowl over a double boiler until it is melted together.

Pour into a glass jar with a wooden stick applicator.

It’s as simple as that. 


We have tried and tested the DIY DEO on different skin types, colours and sensitivities. Check out the top tips & tricks from happy users:

-Let it soak in a bit before you put on your shirt, this will avoid oil marks on your shirt

-Want to wear black? Put on the shirt/dress 30 min before and simply wipe off the bicarb under your arms before stepping into the party

-Winter time i take the closed jar into the shower so the heat can soften the coconut oil before i apply

-Summer time it generally does not stall, however i would recommend giving it a quick stir to ensure you get an even mix of all the ingredients.

-I cut up a sushi stick to use it as an applicator, but you can just use your finger, it works just as well

-This is not a 48 hour solution… c’mon, none of them are. So we recommend you apply the deo on a daily basis after a refreshing shower

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